Chapter 4 September 5th, 2006, 6:00 pm

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daidaishar, September 5th, 2006, 5:57 pm

Finaly the moment you've all been waiting for, the start of chapter four...and it's and establishing shot. Not particularly exciting is it? Sorry if i got you all amped up with the violence warning, I've still got some pesky esposition and character development to deal with before I can get the action sequence rolling. silly meaningful content, interfering with the violence.

Played around with hatching a bit.

There's a new vote incentive up. It's a picture of Joan this time. Both it and the last picture of Drake were made for the new site layout. That should be going up in a few days, so let me know what you think (I'm just sort of feeling my way around html-wise, so it's still a bit crude, but i'm learning).

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Lusewing, September 5th, 2006, 6:13 pm

Wow the page looks great - im really looking forward to this chapter. Joan looks so alone and deep in thought, probaly woundering how she got her self into this mess.

UglyKitten, September 6th, 2006, 12:14 am

Oh, God, I love this! ^__^ Estabilishing shots (for whatever darn reason) are my favorite things to look at (and splash pages). Joan looks awesomely...albeit a little sad. Beau beau is a cute little horsey once again!

...I'm wondering about the presence of the wrecked car. My writer's instincts are sniffing at it most apprehensively. *sniff sniff* Or maybe that's my allergies...XD

Jayge, September 6th, 2006, 5:36 am

utter weirdness. when i mouseover the comic to check for a new one, it shows a completely different strip, with panels. maybe it bizzarly shows the last one you uploaded?

Sidheprincezzz, September 6th, 2006, 5:47 am

i think you did a really good job with the crosshatching. this page looks really nice. the beat up car is also a nice touch.

Zed Di Dragon, September 6th, 2006, 8:17 am

Aww, lookit the horsey. So cute. The entire picture, that is.

dirtsa, September 6th, 2006, 10:40 am

Great page. Beau Beau looks very cute ^^. And the car is pretty good too. Is that the pie she is sitting with?

daidaishar, September 6th, 2006, 11:49 am

re Lusewing: Joan's life certainly has taken an odd turn over the past few days, hasn't it.

re Lucida: I really hate drawing cars, but luckily this one's already dilapadated, so I didn't have to worry about keeping all my lines nice and neat or anything.

re UglyKitten: the car was sort of a setting reminder. The last few scenes were in a setting that could be purley feudal, not apocalyptic. I just wanted to add reminders here and there so the audience doesn't get thrown off if I add refferances to other time periods because they're seeing Hurrocks Fardel as having a feudal era setting.

re Jayge: I actualy don't have any pages qued up at the mement, but sometimes what happens to me is that the preveiw for a comic above or below the banner I'm mousing over will appear instead of the real one. I've no idea what's up with that, sorry.

re Sidheprincezzz: thanks, I don't usualy cross-hatch that much, but I see things like chapter titles as ways to test ot new techniques.

re Zed Di Dragon: Thanks Zed ^^

re dirtsa: yup, Joan's decided to eat the pie.

VampireKizu, September 6th, 2006, 6:04 pm

Cool chapter 4!

doom Bubbles, September 7th, 2006, 6:12 am

yay gore is coming :D

p.s joan looks alot like teddy in the incetive. still good thou

Gregory Williams, September 7th, 2006, 5:23 pm

Yeah, I was kinda thinking along the lines of Doom Bubbles about the Joan picture. I would say its the dark hair and the unusually sharp jaw line that gave the impression.

I love this pane though. The car is a nice touch.

darklightartist, September 7th, 2006, 8:20 pm

I think I see someone in the shadows... *shrug* oh well. Nice pic. Yay gore.

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