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daidaishar, April 9th, 2006, 10:59 pm

and so chapter two ends. The next few updates will be the lovely fanart I've received and some doodles relating to the comic. This will give me some time to do some fanart of my own and get a head-start on the next chapter. Feel free to ask questions about things that you don't understand or critique the plot so far as a whole.

Also, Gregory Williams has won the little "figure out what the heck 'hurrocks fardel' means" contest. other folks can still take a crack at it, but there's no longer a prize. A big round of applause for Sir Gregory!

Daily updates for the next week.

Butterscotch, April 9th, 2006, 11:09 pm

So, he goes to all the trouble of getting the horse, and then he carries her?
And you say it's not a romance >.>

Zheyna, April 9th, 2006, 11:18 pm

I really like this page. Tis happy. Something about having all the drawing in the lower half is very appropriate for an end-of-chapter page. I spy a kitty ready to prey on a mouse!
However, a few porportion qualms: I don't think I could fit four of those sheep in that field over there, at roughly the same distance... and Joan appears more than usually smaller than Drake. Also, who's leading the horse, and how?

KatanaSoul, April 9th, 2006, 11:30 pm

you said in a comment on the last comic: "I've got to have somthing to keep the story going until any semblence of an interesting plot kicks in" while refering to the main character's relationship...
This leaves me to wonder what kind of plans you have for this comic. So what plans do you have for it? Do you have an estimated number of chapters?
The comic has captured my interest, you seem to a good story teller, and the art is something else.

My only suggestion that the art is too good, it looks like it takes a long time to make a comic, if it means a small drop in quality in exchange for more updates i wouldn't mind...
just a suggestion

EDIT: Nevermind, i just checked the archives, and you have been updating fairly often, i guess there just not comming fast enough for me :)

teurastaa, April 9th, 2006, 11:53 pm

waaah I love hoe the characters interact sooo much. it's so great. ^-^= I'm a fan now, can ya tell? ::commenting on all updated pages::

daidaishar, April 10th, 2006, 12:00 am

re Butterscotch: true true, but if she got on the horse immediatly she probably wouls have galoped back to help the knight, or tried to but have fallen off since she's not used to riding and cracked her skull open and the Drake would be left with oozy joan brains and no idea where he's going.

re Zheyna: aye, the propotions became funny. The sheep because I treid making the shinking towards the horizon too dramatic with out any real way of conveying it. joan's head always ends up smaller than Drakes because when I draw them, Drake's hair adds more to his head size than joan's and I always forget to compensate for that when I draw the sketchy head circles at the start. The reigns are looped over Drake's fingers and the horse is walking slightly behind them

re KatanaSoul: The story is going to be a long one. I've got three segments planned out, so it's kinda a trillogy. I can't go into much detail about my future plans since most of the characters still have yet to be introduced, but I want to look at different kinds of myths and also the way different kinds of leaders behave.

With so many chapter's ahead of me, it is fustraiting to have to spend three days on each page, but it does give me the time to play out the dialouge for the page over and over in my head to get it to be the way I want. On vacations I do try to speed things up, but at the moment one page every three days seems like it works best.

re teurastaa: woot! new fan! I'm afraid that their bickering is going to have to get mellowed out a bit during the next chapter so I can move things along in terms of character development, but sarcasm will always have a place in the comic.

Cerise, April 10th, 2006, 12:25 am

re Butterscotch: re Dai: You and your excuses. I know you've tried to stop the romance, but we all know it's happening anyway.

re KatanaSoul:Re Dai: You know how in Hellsing they have Nazi Vampires? You should have Nazi DRAGONS! *is beaten severly*

Edit: With me being gone for a month and you updating faster that rabbits breed, I went back and rated all 200 pages I missed, so you can't be mad at me. Oh and you improved on the sound effects. I no longer have nightmares.

KatanaSoul, April 10th, 2006, 8:24 am

Nazi Dragons? hmmm...
Have you seen Ralph Bakshi's Wizards? That movie has several nazi mythelogical beasts...

galaxylion, April 10th, 2006, 11:40 am

good work on this page dai, you know how to fill your chacters i like how drage and joan work together and yet against each other i hope to countine to follow your work on this comic. ( yeah iam a fan )

Gregory Williams, April 10th, 2006, 8:10 pm

Awh, don't talk about "the future of the comic plot". It makes people remember it is going to end eventualy =(
Anyway, I love this page. Sheep make me smile.

white_wolf1989, April 11th, 2006, 9:59 am

no dont say that evil word 'end' (oops i said it too) hee hee go on joan vomit on him ^_^

KatanaSoul, April 11th, 2006, 10:24 am

About not wanting the comic ending...
1) Any good story must have an ending.
2) It looks like it will be a few years before this story ends, so we don't need to worry about it ending anytime soon.

EDIT: But i think it is too early to talk about the future of the comic, it looks like the story has barely started...

VampireKizu, September 10th, 2006, 12:44 am

LMAO....This comic sounds like My friend and I!!

Fang Shinobi, August 30th, 2010, 1:23 am

I love the story so far. I love how you created your own world (albeit it is an AU). Anywho, I just gotta love Drake and Joan lol. They make such a funny team.

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