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daidaishar, June 16th, 2015, 9:11 pm

a few minutes later Drake punched Oliver and popcorn spilled everywhere. Nei sat on the two of them until things calmed down while Abali made more popcorn. Oliver and Drake's relationship is probably closest to the bickering sibling standard out of all of Drake's surrogate family.

the first panel took a while, lots of people all crammed together is a pain, but I'm pretty happy with the result.

I decided to put Drake with family units on the team.

We've got Oliver and Nei, who are brother and sister. Nei is in her true form because I felt like drawing it and I was running out of room on the couch. I went with a fully lion body for the sphinx, but she ca also take a midway form that follows the human head design.

Abali is with her husband and two children, who we haven't seen before. Her husband, Seamus, is a Grim/Black Dog. Before the Shadows War, Solifidians didn't see themselves as a unified group, so intermarriage between different races/species was rare. During the Information Age there was more interaction and an increasing identity as a larger group. Intermarriage became more common, but was not without tension from more conservative Solifidians. Because all Solifidians have a human form, there is possibility for mutual attraction and romance across all Solifidian species, but not necessarily children. There have to be some similarities in their true forms for that. Abali and Seamus are both mammalian (and though hyenas are classified as felines, not canines, there are strong similarities) with psychopompic abilities. They essentially represent the same mythical type, just from different continents, hence kiddies. The kids are named Styx (boy) and Lethe (girl), but often are refereed to as Styx and Stones. I drew Styx in his true form to show that too (darker than standard hyena coloring and more canine ears and tail but with the hyena mane and spots). Lethe's true form is darker (almost pure black, so the spots aren't as visible) but with more rounded hyena ears.

Some generic elves for the war table. They're a numerous group, so getting their support was a big boon for Phoenix and co.

Re Eva Emaria: Sail on majestic crack ship. I've designed Drake and Phoenix to have a lot of similarities, which will become increasingly important over time, but the key difference is their interaction with others. Despite his prickliness, Drake is fiercely protective of those he forms attachments to, while Phoenix doesn't form emotional attachments. For me, that's a major determining factor in the capacity for redemption.

Phoenix has gotten slighter in my drawings over time. I'm trying to get a bit more variations in builds, and it matches his avian origins and his role as planner, not muscle.

Drake could get very scary when one of the group was in danger. Talking him down was Mina's primary responsibility, Oliver's too once they built a rapport.

Re Xylas_Incarnum:
Trickster is probably one of the safest bets for hanging out and having a good time, but woe betide anyone who upsets him. He is probably the nastiest (and most creative) when he's in a vengeful mood.

The fantasy genre generated some power for Solifidians, but make believe isn't as powerful as true belief, and those games/books don't always cover a wide variety of mythological creatures.

Re avian-reader:
It is a little Matrixy now that you mention it. They're not as controlling as the machines, but disabling human tech prevented any substantial rebellion. I think setting it from the Sol point of view helps a lot with the grey area element of the story. I'm glad you like it.

Re man in black:
indeed it would. lots of fire and big pointy teeth.

Re Arrikanez:
Aylis and Oliver seem to be cut from the same cloth. Having Oliver around was very helpful for Drake's mental state.

Re Mina_Linga:
I like drawing the tattoo when I'm in a patient mood, but otherwise, yeah Drake needs to keep his shirt on, or at least face to that I don't have to draw his back.

Re Opal Rowan:
I'm glad you've found it again! its lovely to have you back. I'm honestly not sure if going back to grey scale will be faster. I'm trying different approaches to try and find a more efficient approach. I'll be getting a tablet in a bit and may try drawing directly on the screen.

Re Onasaki:
I'm trying to imagine Drake as a blond. I'm pretty sure his tail is a remnant of my DBZ phase all those years ago.

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Onasaki, June 16th, 2015, 10:18 pm

Hey! It's that guy... from before... What was his name? ...Drew? I want to say Drew...


And... is Phoenix smiling? O_O

Xylas_Incarnum, June 17th, 2015, 1:49 am

Re- Trickster bit: IF the Trickster wasn't like that then they wouldn't be a real Trickster.
Being creative, mischievious and over the top with pranks is sorta the entire concept for them.... though that ignores the more human rules of pranks not defacing, destroying or perminantly harming anything.

Re - fiction book stuff concerning Bahamut:
Figures. "I know this to be true." is always more powerful than "It's possible to be."

back to this page: they're watching a movie in the first panel, aren't they?

StellaFrost, June 17th, 2015, 3:16 pm

Phoenix smiling can only mean bad things are about to happen.

Lusewing, June 17th, 2015, 5:29 pm

Oh boy, Im guessing Oliver is trying to wind Drake up - no one can be that foolish to try and take food away from a dragon hehe.

Drake has slept, has food, and has someone else 'babysitting' his charges - he must be in a rather good mood about now ^.^

man in black, June 17th, 2015, 7:14 pm

Hunger is a great wake uper

Kadtie, June 18th, 2015, 7:00 pm

I love the first panel. So cute to see drake with his team/surrogate family!

Yay! Drake's awake!

Arrikanez, June 21st, 2015, 12:50 am

They look all cozy on the couch there. O_O
And Drake looks surprisingly well-rested for just having gotten there. XD

Eva Emaria, June 21st, 2015, 11:05 pm

I wondered if they were supposed to be foils of each other! I had picked up on the similarities between Phoenix and Drake, but I wasn't quite sure yet if that was going to go anywhere... And no worries, I understand that Phoenix may never be capable of redemption by his choices. I'm curious about where the story is going to go, and after that, well, that's what fanfiction is for. ;)

Well, you are doing a good job with the builds! Lord knows, my attempts at the swan maidens was pure accident rather than intentional, since I can't ever draw the same thing twice it seems. I remember him being sort of slight in the first time we saw him via Drake's storytelling/flashback moment, it's just a lot more obvious when he's next to other humanoid forms instead of big old Drake-dragon.

Awww, look, it's a Kodiak moment! (Had to make the Aladdin: King of Thieves reference, literally could not help myself.) And as much as I love him, I do not trust that expression on Phoenix's face, uh uh... He's plotting and hiding it behind being charming.

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