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daidaishar, February 16th, 2014, 3:54 pm

Poor Drake is starting to get dinged up. He's now got the slice on the forearm from the duo in the woods, the cut on his back, the cut on his upper arm, plus the backlash from using magic with the seal. none of them are serious, but together they slow him down and he's just going to get hurt more.


re man in black: thanks ^_^

re Imola: yeah, lefties are a pain to fight. Drake is experienced enough that its not going to throw him off too much, but it is an advantage.

re Kadtie: Thanks, I've been using the hairline and the cheekbone for orientation.

re Arrikanez: when drawing the scars I imagined a huge, clawed hand grabbing or swiping at his head. There is another one at the hairline going another direction from a different blow.

re Mina_Lunga: So far none of the new sleevies have died on screen and they managed to inflicted some damage.

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Lusewing, February 16th, 2014, 5:42 pm

Ouch, looks like Drake is fighting the seal, that is going to be one hell of a backlash. I wounder if Joan's median abilities are helping him brake out, or at least bend the bars a little.

man in black, February 16th, 2014, 5:51 pm

Thems fighting words

silverwingskywolf, February 17th, 2014, 3:06 am

War Paint not Eye Liner
Damn Drake looks menacing with the black war paint

Arrikanez, February 17th, 2014, 5:11 am

Okay... Ouch. Just.. OUCH. He's going to be feeling that in the morning.. and most mornings thereafter. I've gotten cut there, although not as deep. Wounds on that part of the arm take FOREVER to heal. I'm sorry, Drake, that's gonna sting for a good long while.

Also? Teddy does need a clear shot... because if that last arrow was his, he's a very GOOD shot.

Mina_Lunga, February 22nd, 2014, 10:51 am

The peeks of scales coming through look like wounds, themselves. And perhaps they should have tried some unspeakable tactics: if Drake can control fire that much (though obviously it's hard for him right now), couldn't he have just hit each person with a lit torch and then had that fire immolate the unfortunate? But then we wouldn't have had these lovely, unfortunate young men to mourn :-)

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