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daidaishar, June 13th, 2013, 10:05 pm

Here is Tygermon/Radioactive Rat's Pestilence Champion. You can find more of her work at http://radioactive-ratt.deviantart.com/ and her very own fantastic webcomic here at http://dragonsend-gj.smackjeeves.com/ (a great read, particularly for dragon fans)

Julius hatched in a patch of grass in Russia in 1306. Just as most reptiles, he grew up on his own without a family. At first he hunted small animals that were slow or injured and even if he didn't actually catch them, his bite was poison so the animal fell usually within a day or two and he would stalk them until then. The first time he came upon a farm, he found these animals a lot easier to kill due to the pen that they were in. They usually died at the first eye-to-eye glimpse that they caught with him. The farmers did not like this one bit and eventually found the livestock murderer. They responded to his deeds with violence and a price upon his head. During one of the struggles with the humans, a child had looked him in the eyes and died. Curious as to why the adult human was screaming the word Julius, he thought to take it as a name.

After getting into a few more confrontations, he found it easier to kill animals and hide disguised as one of them using his alternate Solfidian form. Hiding amongst their kind, he learned the art of trading and about money as well as not keeping eye contact when in villages. He decided to loot the bodies of any humans he killed and purchase meat which was a much more efficient way of getting food rather then fighting for it. One day he got caught paralyzing someone with a reflection of his eyes and was chased out of the town for witch craft. He eventually wandered into China which was a very different place then he was used to. It was difficult for him to make much money off of the dead here and he got frustrated. Knowing that his saliva was poisons, he decided to lick his fingers and touch anything that other people were sure to touch, door handles, someone's glass after they set it down, the noses of horses, etc. People in the town started getting sick but not at the rate in which made Julius satisfied.

Julius lived on the edge of the village, usually in rice or wheat fields. Since he didn't have much money, he usually satisfied himself by eating stray dogs or field rats. With the rats everywhere during the harvest of the rice, and their built in immunity to sickness and rat poisons, these amazing little creatures had given him an idea. He gave the sickness to the rats. Since they didn't usually die from it, they could carry it for him as far and wide as they could roam. It was like the rats were a Godsend for him. The disease spread like wild fire with the rats, and with all the dead, Julius had plenty of money for himself. As to not kill anyone with his gaze, he decided to wear a cloth over his eyes as a blind beggar and he decided to always bring a little friend with him just in case. A black rat. With the centuries passing by, the disease continued to ravish the countryside by way of boat, rats and fleas and was named the Bubonic Plague or as some called it, 'The Black Death'.

The Basilisk enjoyed himself for many centuries and had enough money to purchase a house for himself in England. When the information age came, so came the computer and many other electrical devices as well as sun glasses, which were more useful then a cloth covering his eyes. He never understood why humans needed computers, there was always a new shopping mall not even a block away with anything and everything you could possibly need. Being curious enough, he had bought himself a computer and proceeded to mess with it. After opening it and poking at its components, he found he gave even the computer a virus. Even though it was only an accident, several people had offered him sums of money for these computer viruses and with the anti-virus software trying to keep up, the demand for these viruses went up. He became quite wealthy and bought all the fresh meat he wanted without any fuss from the humans.

When Julius was called to fight in the Shadow War, he answered, more then happy to spread death in his favored way with his rodent friends. Another wave of deadly illness was brought upon man and he got to sit idly by with lifting no more then his tongue. Laziness was the way he preferred it. After the war, he returned to his large house to find that it had been destroyed along with pretty much everything else. Disappointed, he decided it was time to stop sitting around and spread his illnesses elsewhere. Julius packed a bag full of money, a fresh pair of clothes, a fuzzy little black friend and hit the road. Now a drifter, he wanders the land, and gives every town he visits a little gift.

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tygermon, June 14th, 2013, 1:59 am

There's my pretty boy! Was wonderin' when he'd show up XD

I just realized that every new character I make always has a rat for a companion .-.

Arrikanez, June 14th, 2013, 3:36 am

Aylis is attracted. > >
You might wanna keep your sunglasses on, Boyo, I think unicorn-boy is a bit too naive to realize the whole stone-thing. XD

tygermon, June 14th, 2013, 11:14 am

Ahaha Julius knows better then to stone another archtype's champion XD And if anything like that were to happen, he's a Pansexual so he would totally go for it 83

Kadtie, June 15th, 2013, 6:56 pm

Oooh, I like this one. ~<3

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