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daidaishar, June 2nd, 2013, 5:13 pm

Here is OtakuNeko2499's Nature Champion. You can find more of Otaku Neko's work at http://otakuneko2499.deviantart.com/

-Name: Tivona, (Hebrew for 'Lover of nature') AKA Deity of Nature and things that correspond with Nature and the wild. Or just 'Nature'.
-Age: XXX
-Gender: Has decided on female since she is a manifestation of 'Mother Nature. (She found it fitting)
-Description: She likes word games and books. Such as puns, bad jokes, metaphors, similes, and poems. She likes to speak very 'high' and Shakespearean. She also likes names. Meanings of names, and their origins. That's why she took on a name.
She is dark green tinged at the edges and flowers grow in her wake.
-Champion: Meiyo. A male Kirin. (I had first thought Elf, but then decided against it and thought a Kirin would be better)
You would usually find Tivona: In an elvan library or forest with a creek.
-Name: Meiyo (Japanese for Honor)
-Age: (You can decide. I don't know what would fit best for the comics plot line.)
-Gender: Male. Is actually very feminine looking, and acts much like his Master. He is constantly teased with this.
-Personality: Again, much like his owner. 'Listens intently and is the 'voice of reason' in most situations; when he isn't, he gets into a rage. He is very elegant and precise.' Both are very poised. He is acts very high and noble, and pride is Meiyo's downfall.
-Description: Like a unicorn with his white coat, blond mane and tail, and silver horn. His dragon scales are green though, and iridescent. Meiyo's tattoos/markings are navy blue to sky blue; they mix. He is adorned with gold chains that have red triangular beads attached. His eyes are blue as well.
You would usually find Meiyo: Drinking something. Maybe a fine wine, or tea, and surrounded by good company.

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