Ilana R. Niemi's Death Champion June 1st, 2013, 5:00 pm

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daidaishar, June 1st, 2013, 5:16 pm

Here's Ilana R. Niemi's Death Champion, a very interesting combination of two popular death omens. You can find more of Ilana's work at

Here's a bit more of Ilana's thoughts on this intriguing idea:

What I propose:
DEATH - Banshee/Black Dog
I put most f my reasoning on the image but I'll add a little more here/make a small summary. Banshees, or things like them are found in almost every culture this is the same with Black Dogs. Both are omens of death, both have or are aspects of Death that are found everywhere. They both show up when someone is about to die or have a bout of really bad luck. For this I dew my inspiration from the Fae side of things. Mostly because they are the most well known but also because Fae are known shape-shifters. Which means they can have any appearance they please, it also means you have more flexibility with how it will be depicted. Meaning it can have alternate forms if it wishes, which is why I included the Black Dog as part of it. My thought was, if both are death omens why can't they be the same thing just different aspects/perspectives/moods?

On the different color schemes:
I made several color schemes for the Banshee mainly because it has soo many aspects that I wanted represented in some way. 1) Green, I associate with Fae because they are part of the mythos of "the forest people". I also made some more leafy designs to go with it but in the end I couldn't depict it the way I wanted it to be so I stuck with something more practical 2) Blue, I associate with the other side of the Fae. The beautiful/enchanting part and with life too. This is also because as Life if part of nature Death is too, and can be seen as a release from pain and suffering. It also has the swirling/spiral patterns which also symbolize life/rebirth which is an idea that is what happens after death. 3) Red, is most associated with blood and therefore a good representation of the myth that the Banshee can be seen sometimes washing the bloodstained clothing or armor of the person who will/has died (I would assume that it is probably out of affection). 4) White, I left for the "Weeping Child" version because it can represent purity and innocence. This is mostly associated with children and children's spirits but also with the Weeping Woman myths that I've come across. 5) Grey, I included this because most Banshees are depicted as ghostly 6) an accidental combination of all of the ones I was working on, led to this part. While it does seem a bit odd I decided to include it just because it looked so interesting.

The Black Dogs are just that, Black with Red eyes (or in the case of the Fae dogs sometimes blue-ish). I chose to depict them with longer snouts and tails, and longer feathered ears (also more fluffy) because they are not ordinary dogs They would probably stand taller than most dogs too. They would probably come up to a little under shoulder height (on someone who stands about 5'2) or just about pony-back height. I thought they would look more like the archetype for the wolf in the night or cobbled together out of different types of "menacing" dogs.
The patterns I thought could be a reflection of their mark as a champion, I depicted in two different ways; one was the traditional menacing (jagged lines) and the more Fae-like (swirls and whorls). The Jagged lines are more like Lightning and more in the nature of the traditional threatening image. (as Lightning was used on the face in war painting in several cultures). (The other is as mentioned) The last thing about the Fae dogs is that sometimes they can be depicted as White but since the image of the "Black Dog" is more common I decided to leave it out.

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SaviourInDistress, June 2nd, 2013, 5:07 pm

Cu sith are actually green dogs not black(just showing my nerd knowledge here, sorry)

I really like this design and the banshee is definitely fitting of death. The stories of banshees always creeped me out.
The combination of the red banshee and the blue at the top left is my favourite.

LinRae, June 27th, 2013, 12:02 pm

Black Dog and Beansidhe
Black Dogs are neither good nor evil, they sometimes appear as harbingers of misfortune, but they also aid lost travellers.The only association to death is the death that may be caused by whatever misfortune befalls the person, or the averted death of the lost traveller.

The Banshee(Beansidhe)is traditionally a faerie who appears before a family member of one whose death is imminent. There is generally some association to royalty or a royal house who they are connected to and fortell the deaths of its members.

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