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daidaishar, May 29th, 2013, 6:38 pm

Here is Samantha5696's lovely Dream Archetype and her Champion. You can find more of Samantha5696's work at

we've also got a nice amount of background info to go with these two:

Esalia of Carleeum

(E-sah-lee-ah) of (Car-lee-um)

Nickname: Esa (E-sah)
General Information

Gender: Female

Age: 16,398 (16 human years)

Eyes: Dark Hazel/Brown

Hair: Rust

Skin: Tanned


Warm colors because they remind her of sunsets/sunrises
Sushi but it's hard for her to find in this changed world
Soft melodies
Cute guys (general likes lean guys, not sticks, but with muscles that aren't huge and long/"grab-able" hair)
Pretty art
Soft things
Cute things in general like plushies

Heat/hot places
People who keep pet fish
Her human form's hair
Getting dirty

Big expectations mainly for herself
Clumsy; runs into things on land even though she's a great swimmer in the water
Tries to be helpful
Thinks fighting is more of a game
Doesn't take some things seriously
Sometimes she'll blame her human form when she does something clumsy because of her "land legs"
Easily develops crushes on guys but never shows her love for someone
Tries not to annoy others even though she can without realizing
Despite herself, she can put up a good fight
Excited at the smallest things

Controls water; carries a water flask for battle or healing only; can shape items from water, such as a sword, and then use it in battle.
If she were under the guidance of another mermaid for many years she may be able to learn how to control blood even though Esa doesn't want to learn it.
She hates this power but if any male of any species fancies her, she can control them with her gaze. However, it only works if the victim is willing.
Can talk to marine life without saying a word

"Quests" she has set for herself:
Looking for other mermaids because her mother told her to learn how to control blood.
Secretly hopes for someone to fall in love with her, not because she's pretty.
Also searches for her father

History: When she was 6 (human years), humans attacker her mermaid village near the sea. Her father, a shark merman, went off to attack the humans while Esa and her mother escaped, the village burning in the distance. Esa and her mother, a frilled mermaid, lived a quiet life near a large and deep lake. Her mother would teach her the skills she needed to survive until Esa was 14 and a sickness her mother had developed over the years finally awakened, killing her mother within a few hours. Esa's mother had told her to learn the ways of controlling blood so that she could protect herself. Esa quickly promised even though uncertainty lurked within her. Once Esa buried her mother, she packed essentials and began travelling over the world with luck that she'd find her father and that he'd tell her she wouldn't have to learn how to control blood.

Myth Form

Species: Spine Mermaid

Hair: Long, tangled easily

Hands: Webbed with the same blue as fins; green claws

Eyes: Split pupils

Teeth: Razor sharp

Nose: No nostrils, gills over bridge

Swimming Style: Can swim like a fish or dolphin but it's harder and she won't swim as fast. She swims similar to that of a sea snake (?), spinning around in a spiral pattern.

Fins: Face sideways similar to fish/sharks and are spines with membranes in between.

Human Form

No distinguishable physical features that would differentiate her from any other human


Red "shoulder-cape" that almost touches the ground

Left sleeve is from middle shoulder to elbow then dangles to mid-thigh

Orange top of dress does not reveal too much cleavage

Yellow strip below cleavage and at waist where orange ends and red-orange skirt part of dress begins

Right sleeve simple, short yellow off-the-shoulder

Cape held by green emblem of the Carleeum house

Two blue clips in hair to hold off bangs

Yellow flats

Hair: Always short, never grows longer than shoulder. Her hair can be cut and will then grow but it will stop growing once it reaches her shoulders.


>If Esa were to get into the comic, she'd have a crush on Teddy and Drake (although she'd be frightened by Drake at first being a dragon and breathing fire and all that). However she would never show it and would not interfere with "planned happenings."

Esa's favorite kind of guys are the ones who act all tough but actually will go out of their way to protect others. She also has a small thing for hair: she doesn't mind long hair but her favorite is short hair that is easy to grab.

Esalia's last name is Carleeum which is also considered her "house" name. It was a middle class house in her village with a green sea shell as it's emblem.

Dream Archetype

>Curly, wavy hair that extends backwards similar to the Fire archetype.

>Slim but flowing dress

>Long sleeves that usually always cover hands

>Can drift into sleep or into daydreams during conversation

>Calm and collected, has a "happy" or friendship-similar connection to her champion
>Thinks far into the future; hoping that the world will always get better.

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Kadtie, May 30th, 2013, 10:03 am

That's really neat. I wouldn't have thought of using a mermaid for the dream archetype, that's a nifty idea.

silverwingskywolf, June 4th, 2013, 1:44 am

Yay purple! great design for both the champion and the god

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