Dragon Territories

Drakes are addressed by non-family members by their family name, and the their family takes the name of the region that they live in. This means that I’ve been throwing around the names of a lot of different regions without giving you a real image of where these places are. Well, this map is here to fix that problem.

This is a map that shows the areas that the clans we have met live in. There are more clans and more clan groupings that what are shown here, but I figured I’d keep things simple and stick to the ones that are relevant.

I haven’t drawn any boundary lines because the differentiation between territories tends to be a bit fuzzy. Families maintain a strong hold on the center of the territories while the edges are populated by loners (either retired leaders or younger siblings who did not inherit control of the clan).

The colored sections of the map represent the larger groupings of clans that gather together at the yearly meetings. All of the dragons in the red area are at the meeting that London-Drake’s family is attending while all the ones in the blue are at the meeting spot that he was sent to deliver a message to and so on. There are more groupings than the ones I’ve shown, but again for simplicities sake I’ve stuck to ones that appear in the story. You only saw a few messengers leaving the meeting with London Drake because they only send messages out to the groups that neighbor them. Because dragons are creatures of Bahamut and thus influenced by human thought their boundaries tend to roughly reflect human boundaries.

Some of these region names are anachronistic for the time period, while others aren’t in use anymore. I did this partially because finding names that fit the time period would be extremely difficult and confusing, but also because we’re dealing with mythological elements, and mythology is extremely wonky and prone to inaccuracies when it comes to time. More on that in the timeline section (coming soon).

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