Champion Contest

Drake is Fire's Champion, but what about the other Archetypes? I held a contest to design some of the other Champions. Below are all of the lovely entries I received, and you can see the winners here.

RuinMage's Trickster Champion

Kadtie's Water Champion

Kadtie's Earth Champion

Samantha5696's Dream Champion

Eva Emaria's Dream Champion

Ilana R. Niemi's Death Champion

OtakuNeko2499's Nature Champion

Arrikane's Healing Champion

Silverwingskywolf's Death Champion

Rylee's Water Champion

Nikki's Lunar Champion

Nallah's Wind Champion

Ravel's Death Champion

Tygermon's Pestilence Champion

Seekingbear7's Fear Champion

Calithery's Pain Champion

Onasaki's Revelry Champion

ParanoiaPoison's Trickster Champion

Waverly's Nature Champion

Skittsue's Wisdom Champion

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c r e d i t s

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